Something smells fishy in the seafood department.

Did you know?

Our oceans will be virtually empty by 2048 due to overfishing.

46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of fishing nets & fishing byproducts.

Many types of real fish contain dangerously high levels of heavy metals, mercury, plastic & parasites.

So, we created FYSH.

FYSH is made from a unique blend of vegetables, tapioca + sea algae.

It is soy + gluten free.

It’s FYSH, not fish.

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From Our Founder

~ Zoya Biglary, Founder

"I believe that food should be made in a kitchen, not a lab. When I developed a sensitivity to fish 3 years ago, I struggled to find a plant-based alternative. So I made my own. I combined organic root vegetables, sea algae and some fermentation magic to create the world's best tasting vegan tuna, salmon and yellowtail. I believe everyone at the table deserves options- I hope you enjoy Fysh as much as I do.”